Our Most boosters handle bands 2/4/66, 5, 12, 13, and 17. That includes base coverage bands for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The important missing band is 71, T-Mobile's 600MHz rural coverage band. Because it took a while for TV stations to get out of that band, the FCC hasn't approved any consumer boosters for band 71; you're just not going to find one. Most home boosters also boost between 64 and 71dB of signal. Once again, that's due to FCC regulations. If you need more of a boost than that, you need to go to Cel-Fi's single-carrier booster line, which can get to 100dB by boosting only the frequencies used by one wireless carrier at a time.


Got a cellular signal issue? We have customized solutions for each problem. Equipped with a wide range of signal boosters and accessories manufactured using finest technology, we amplify your signal up to 36x to its current strength so that you enjoy uninterrupted connectivity all through. Quality is assured through our ‘health certified’ and ‘government approved’ products which are customized to suit specific requirements and enable optimized result.


We aim to abolish the issue of the inconsistent cellular network across the world. Our mission is to establish smooth communication by boosting the signal strength offered by the cellular network service provider.


Our vision is to enable hassle-free communication by boosting the cellular network on a global platform.

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