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Cable-SSG 400



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Cable-SSG 400 Mobile Signal Booster is a single band mobile signal booster and can boost signal strength for all network operators. This is a booster that is capable of giving you excellent voice quality and data stability on devices like smartphones, tablets, data cards, etc. Especially meant for shops, offices and homes. Its low weight and compact design make it easy to install anywhere within your premises.

Additional Information

  • model : SSG 400
  • Outer Diemeter : 0.405in
  • Impedence nominal : 50 Ohm
  • Velocity of Prop: 86%
  • Sheilding : >90
  • Center Conductor : Solid
  • Delay (ns/ft) : 1.2
  • Attenution K1 (db/100ft)@23deg : 0.12229
  • Attenution K2 (db/100ft)@23deg : 0.12223

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